Thankful for choice to skip Thanksgiving and for my in-laws leftovers


We decided to skip the formal Thanksgiving celebration this year and head to SeaWorld San Antonio instead. The Wednesday-night drive to SA was a bit hectic thanks to loads of holiday traffic but we made it safely and enjoyed some amazing weather at the park on Thursday. We even managed to close the park down Thursday evening at 9pm and had seen/done everything we wanted to do except for the Penguin encounter … we’ll have to do that one first during our next visit.

The highlights of the day included our Beluga Whale up-close tour where we got to hang-out with and be kissed by these very cool animals and my personal favorite was feeding the dolphins at Dolphin Cove. We realized at 5:45 that Dolphin Cove was closing at 6pm and we were on the oppostie side of the park. I’m so very thankful to my hubbie and daughter for running across the park with me to reach the cove in time to feed the dolphins. And I’m thankful to the SeaWorld employees at Dolphin Cove for staying open a bit later to accommodate us.

Finally, I’m thankful to my in-laws for saving their leftovers from Thanksgiving so we could have a lovely Shabbos meal when we arrived home … right before Shabbos started … on Friday evening. All I had to cook was matzah ball soup and we were set for a yummy meal … it was sort of like our delayed Thanksgiving.

Oh and by the way, we did take a picnic lunch of turkey sandwiches into the park with us so we did do a bit of Thanksgiving celebrating afterall : )

What did you cook for Thanksgiving?

Happy Kosher Treif Cooking!


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