Interesting Greek Tomato-Spinach Pizza


Greek Tomato-Spinach Pizza

As part of my family Hanukkah celebration last week, I had totally intended to test out the Greek Tomato-Spinach Pizza recipe in Susie Fishbein’s Kosher by Design picture-perfect food for the holidays & every day. But how does the saying go … the road to good intentions, etc. I bought all of the necessary ingredients but basically ran out of time so … the fam got to enjoy this interesting pizza for last night’s dinner instead.

I have never worked with sheets of phyllo dough before and I have to say, it was no easy task. The sheets kept tearing so my 10 “sheets” of dough became more like 10 patchwork quilts of dough. But once it was all covered with butter, no one could care less about eating pieces of dough instead of smooth, pretty sheets. And honestly, couldn’t the same be said for most any food that is totally covered in butter?

I won’t drag you through the whole recipe here but if you have that particular Kosher by Design book, it’s on page 182. Otherwise, I found a similar version of the recipe on submitted by Mirja – Evelyn-Inspired Greek Tomato-Spinach Pizza. The only difference is 1 extra Greek Tomato-Spinach Pizzaingredient – 1/2 cup grated halloumi cheese. I did use about an extra cup of mozzarella cheese on my pizza because the hubbie said the “sprinkle” of 1 1/2 cups was just not enough.

All in all, it wasn’t bad. The hubbie loved it. The daughter wouldn’t touch it. I had to make her mac & cheese instead. And I thought the Phyllo was a bit dry. Next time, I’ll try it on a regular pizza crust instead and save myself the hassel.

It does, however, make a huge pizza so be sure to have guests over when you make this thing or else you’ll have leftovers for days : )

Happy Kosher Treif Cooking!


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