Do you splurge on flowers for Shabbat?


Shabbat FlowersThis past Friday, there was a knock at our door around 5pm. We weren’t expecting anyone and when I looked out the peep-hole, I saw a man I didn’t recognize. I’m totally paranoid about answering the door if I don’t know the person on the other side, but fortunately my hubbie was home so I forced him to answer the door instead.

To our surprise, said man was delivering an amazing bouquet of flowers … not the grocery store kind that we sometimes buy … but the fancy kind that come from a real flower shop.

We weren’t having quests for Shabbat dinner or lunch so I assumed the man had the wrong house. As it turns out, my boss’s boss’s boss sent me flowers as a thank you for a major milestone our team had reached earlier that week. Now my boss’s boss’s boss isn’t Jewish, so I’m sure she had no idea how cool and awesome her timing was.

We almost never splurge on flowers for Shabbat and especially not really nice flowers but thanks to her thoughtfulness, we had a lovely bouquet for our Shabbat table and the flowers are still going strong this week! It’s amazing how much beautiful flowers can lift one spirits.

Happy Kosher Treif Cooking!


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  1. Flowers really are pleasant, but I buy on special occasionsonly, and certainly not every shaebse!

    ps fake flowers look pretty good nowadays

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