Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips by Manischewitz


Dark Chocolate Covered Potato ChipsA few weeks ago, a PR rep from Manischewitz contacted me to offer up some Kosher for Passover  product samples for me to test and write about on my blog. There were some really awesome products on the list, and I was very excited until … after requesting 6 of the products, she emailed back to say she couldn’t get 4 of them.

Well, one of the products she “claimed” she could not get was the above pictured Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. This was probably the #1 choice on my list so I asked if these chips would be available in the Dallas area so I could buy a bag, to which I heard “crickets” in return. She didn’t even bother responding to me nor did I ever get any product samples of anything to test.

But as I was browsing in the Kosher for Passover section at my local grocery store on Friday, I came across, you guessed it, Manischewitz Dark Chocolate covered Potato Chips. Seems even though their PR rep “can’t get the product,” the grocery store can. So even though I’ve got a bad taste in my mouth right now as it relates to Manischewitz’s PR team, I went ahead and spent the $4.99 to buy these chips.

I won’t be opening them until Passover, but I’ll report back then as to whether or not they are worth the price. Stay tuned.

Happy Kosher Treif Cooking!


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