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The ultimate in Kosher Treif snacking


Kosher Baby Back ribs ChipsOK tell me the above picture isn’t funny? I think my husband might have found the ultimate in Kosher Treif snacking today during his Sunday trip to Wal-Mart. To quote him, “I got everything on your shopping list and one extra item that I thought was too funny to pass up.”

Hello Herr’s Baby Back Rib flavor chips, which are … wait for it … OU Kosher.

According to a review on Herr’s web site, they “top them with the authentic flavor of your favorite Baby Back Ribs.”

As a girl who used to eat treif of all sorts, I can’t say that the chips actually taste like the baby back ribs I remember from my trips to the Rendezvous in Memphis, but then again, I’m not sure anything Kosher could replace that amazing experience.

But as a funny Kosher snack that allows me to make-believe I’m eating something from my good ole treif days, Herr’s baby back ribs chips are not too shabby.

And by the way, the hubby also brought home this snack – Herr’s Kansas City Prime Steak Flavor chips – OU Dairy. Not quite as funny a Kosher baby back ribs but definitely a close second. I haven’t tried them yet but will let you know the verdict.

Kosher Prime Steak ChipsWhat about you? Have you tried either of these snacks? If so, what did you think?

Happy Kosher Treif Cooking!