Kosher Bacon Popcorn


Bacon Popcorn 3

My hubbie is usually the one who ferrets out and brings home the Kosher Treif surprises from the grocery store but during a recent trip to World Market in Dallas, I discovered a fun treif snack – Microwavable bacon flavored popcorn by J&D’s complete with a Circle K Dairy symbol.

Of course, I couldn’t resist the chance to add this yummy item to my shopping cart, and we gave it a test drive as soon as I got home. I’d describe the taste as more smokey than bacon-like, but the popcorn was still delish, and I appreciate the fact that J&D’s is working to serve the treif-loving Kosher folks in the world.

This popcorn is the perfect accessory for a movie night with your Kosher treif loving friends. Enjoy!

Happy Kosher Treif Cooking!




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  1. Sounds really cool! We use Bac-o’s in salads and soups all the time, but I have not seen any other Kosher bacon-flavored products in South Florida. I’ll have to look online – thanks for sharing!

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