Hi, my name is Michele and I’m not what you would call “Kosher from Birth.” I only started keeping Kosher a few years ago. Before that, I was happily enjoying all of the Southern cooking I could stand including a lot of the food called Treif by the Kosher crowd. For those of you who aren’t in the know about Treif, the definition is as follows according to on About.com Treif derived from the Hebrew word teref which means torn, and originally referred to non-kosher meat only. In Exodus 22:30 it is written “Do not eat meat from an animal torn in the field.” Thus Jews were forbidden to eat meat from an animal that was torn or mortally wounded. Over time the meaning of the term treif expanded from one category of non-kosher meat to anything non-kosher.

When I think of Treif, I think of shrimp, crab, lobster, fried chicken when the batter is made with milk (mixing meat and dairy), chicken sour cream enchiladas, bacon, and just about any meal I’m used to making from my favorite Southern Living Cookbooks.

I first heard the word Treif when I was attending a Judaica studies class. We were taking a snack break during which each week, a class member took turns bringing yummy treats to eat. Fortunately, I was not assigned to bring food during this particular week because an attendee found a bag of cookies on the table that was not Kosher. She immediately started yelling – “TREIF, TREIF, Someone brought TREIF!”

While I understood the seriousness of the crime, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at how crazy this attendee sounded. To this day, I still yell out those same words any chance I get. If my husband is with me, he laughs too because he knows the joke. Others however, not so much.

Over the years, I’ve amazed my mother-in-law at my ability to find ways to still enjoy my favorite Treif foods but in a Kosher way. Each recipe is a new challenge, and I’ll admit that as a resident of Dallas … where Kosher food is not abundant … I spend a great deal of time driving from store to store to find one unique, pareve item that I can use in place of a dairy one or a substitue for some other Treif item that isn’t Treif but still tastes like the Treif version. Each week is a searching, shopping, cooking adventure for me. And I know I can’t be alone.

Hopefully I can share some unique Kosher food concoctions with you, and you’ll share some with me as well. Together we can make this Treif world fit for any respectable Kosher keeping citizen.

Happy Treif Kosher Cooking!


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  1. I see that you are a Dyna-Sea Immitation Crab Meat lover,.as am I. I live on Long Island (Suffolk County)and can only find this product at my kosher butcher. Could you please give me the corporate address for Dyna-Sea so that I can appeal to them to place their product in my local supermarket.

  2. Myra, here’s the info I found about Dyna-Sea:
    Dyna Sea Group Inc
    765 Carroll Place
    Teaneck, NJ07666-3303
    Phone: (201) 928-0133

    As an FYI if it helps, I order the imitation crab from the KC Kosher Coop. I can buy it in stores in Dallas but it’s a lot less expensive if I order a case from the Coop.

    Good Luck!

  3. I have just signed up for your posts. I notice that the last one is dated in April 2014. Are you still planning to add new recipes in the future? Thank you.

  4. Hi Tammy, thanks for following and for your question. I am planning to post again soon. I’ve been traveling a lot for my job lately and just haven’t had a chance to cook or post. But I’m hoping to begin both again very soon.

  5. Hi Michelle, are you still blogging? I was so happy to find a kosher food blog, especially as interesting as yours. Even though I am what you call “Kosher from Birth”, but being brought up kosher in communist Russia, there are many adjustments that I had to make and am still making here. Your idea of transforming treif into kosher is just great! The best of luck to you!

  6. Have you started on Facebook yet? Yes i do see your response to someone else where you advise them that you are on Twitter but i do not have a twitter account nor do i want to get involved with any other than the facebook one that i have.

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